check if anything sounds familiar

  • you feel like forehead lines make you look tired

  • you tried different massages/tools from videos you saw on Social media, but nothing seems worked properly

  • you afraid of using Botox at some point, its toxic, unsafe and expensive as you have to touch up every 4 month

  • or maybe you have already tried Botox and it only caused you puffiness and saggy eyebrows. So you want to go natural instead

  • you want to prevent wrinkls as your mom or other relatives have them


No waist of money on repetitive Botox treatments. No stress because of prominent elevens and horizontal lines. You know how to fix your forehead today and keep it smooth in a long term.

In this course I offer

my authentic holistic approach

  • awareness

    Knowledge is priceless. You gonna learn all theory behind ageing changes on the forehead. How is that your feet and back are also involved and why Botox is a poor choice in a long term perspective.

  • holistic guided practices

    Video tutorials to target and reduce real causes of aging changes in the forehead. You gonna learn how to work with muscles, fascia and bones. Modalities we gonna implement: hand massage, gua sha, kinesio tape, facial cupping, fascial release, self osteopathy.

  • convenience

    All classes and materials are pre recorded. Watch and learn any time. Access to all course materials for 6 months. Educational platform of the course is available through browser or an app directly on your phone

Your investment

is cheaper than a single Botox treatment

What is the agenda?

All classes are pre recorded. Watch, learn, practice anytime.

  • Intro

  • Short anatomy dive. Areas of attention to work with forehead: fascia, muscles, cranium bones

  • Why Botox causes premature aging

  • Practical classes days 1-14

  • Recommendations for feather maintenance

  • All materials available for 5 month. Access to the educational platform trough browser or app.

Your coach

Maria Zabro, holistic facelift expert

I have been studying and practicing holistic face rejuvenation methods for the past 6 years. Thousands of happy customers went through my hands in my Copenhagen based studio. In this course I want to introduce your most effective holistic methods to target forehead wrinkles and maintain your results. You will learn a little bit of anatomy and understand why Botox and other aggressive treatments is a poor choice in a long term perspective. Contact me if you have question about this course: [email protected]

What you gonna need for this course

  1. 15-20 min of your time a day
  2. Kinesio tape suitable for face applications
  3. Gua Sha
  4. 2 tennis/small pilates balls for muscle release

Some extra tools which are not obligatory to have:

  1. Pilates foam roll
  2. Facial cup